Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEW year, NEW ideas!

Have you heard what all the buzz is about?  We have had a productive winter break and are pumped to share with you FOUR more bundles (2G, 1B, 2B and 1R) to help support you with Action 100 in the classroom.  These  bundles include supplemental assessments, activities, games, take home   practice word lists and organizers that help you stay focused during student conferencing.  We wouldn’t want you to leave our blog without a quick glance at what we are so excited about. So take a look below.....

2G “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #1:

2G Bundle:

1B “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #2:

1B Bundle:

OOH Yah baby, here’s another.....

2B “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #3

2B Bundle:

Stop, stopthere is one more..

1R “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #4
1R Bundle:

Can you see what we are so PUMPED about?!  We are very excited to come to a new year, organized and ready to teach!  So start your New Year right and head over to our TPT store to help make your life simpler and keep checking back for more bundles!  OH and LIKE us on Facebook to stay connected! Happy 2013!!

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