Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meaningful Power Goals

In this day and age, we have so many of our students that have both parents working.  It's hard to get home, make dinner, and spend quality time with our kids.  Finishing homework can seem like a chore instead of a time to interact with our children.  That's why I really wanted Power Goals that are fun, fast, and easy.  

I have an active little 4 year old who wants so much to be like his big brother and sister.  He sees them reading every night earning their steps for Action 100.  He really enjoys learning his letters but wasn't interested in reading on his own yet.  He had all the skills I just needed something that was able to get him actively involved.

Take a sneak peak at how effective power goals can look in your students' home.

Speed Racer  is his Favorite Game!

Tracking words as he reads. 

There are many fun games to play so they never get bored. 

Besides having great games, you will also find Power Goals that are focused and keep kids moving at a nice easy pace.

If you are ready to see some great result in your classroom, check out this Yellow Action 100 Bundle. 

 Action 100 Yellow Supplemental Bundle

What's Included?
6 Weeks of Power Goals for on level and below level students
Tracking Activities
Hands-On Learning Centers
Alphabet Cards