Friday, May 3, 2013

Vowel Team Oi/Oy

Oi!  Oy! Have we had a lot of fun this past week learning about our new vowel team! Who new learning could actually be this much fun and by the end of the week our entire class could read oi/oy words and new the spelling rule!  YES...I love success stories!  So you ask how did we do it.  Take a look yourself and get a snapshot of the learning that went on this week in our classroom.  The pictures talk for themselves!

We started by learning the spelling rule of the week. 
English Words do not end in i, u, v, or j.

Our rule is to try and get all our kids involved in their learning, so while one is at the board being my helper, the others are actively participating as well!

I'm going to say a word and raise your hand if you hear oi/oy sound.

This picture just kills me! So funny! If you don't hear the oi/oy sound say, "no no never never."

Once we finished learning as a whole group we did a word sort activity. We focused on highlighting the vowel patterns.  We discussed why the oi was used in the middle of the word and why oy may be used at the end of a word.  The students went right to work. They cut and pasted and worked on reading words with oi/oy.

The students learned a new game and had so much fun playing it.  Number It!  You have to try this game.  So much fun!

During Guided Reading we played Oink, Oink, Oink!

The students played Speed Racer during Daily 5 for word work!


As you can see, learning is fun in room 117.  Our kids are engaged while learning essential skills that make them all great readers and writers.  We hope you take a look at our new Vowel Team Packet.  You will find whole group lessons, assessments, word list, fluency passages, small group activities to be used during guided reading, whole group activities, centers, games, and more! 


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