Thursday, May 2, 2013

White (like snow) Bundle

I am so impressed.  My students' reading levels keep growing, even though it is the last month of school.  There may be a reason my kiddos don't have spring fever yet.... check this out. You'll never believe it, but today - May 2nd - is a snowday for us.  We got 8+ inches of snow!
Does this look like May 2nd?  It really is!

With less than a month left of school, I have over half my class reading at the White (3rd grade) reading level and so making the White Bundle was high on my "To Do" list.  Now that it is made, we want to share it with you.  It has been so helpful as I meet with my students to focus their learning.  (I hope you agree.)

At the White level, the first thing I do is make sure the students have their phonics mastered.  I play games and make them read words with specific patterns to ensure their decoding ability. 
Then the focus turns to the make-up of the word - such as prefixes and suffixes, root words, vocabulary and figurative language.  Once I know what each student needs to work on, we read books, read word lists and have activities to help practice and become comfortable with the skill.  I move each student to the next skill when they are ready.  Using this bundle allows me to differentiate in such an easy way.

So, check out our White Bundle, focused for readers at the 3rd Grade reading level.   

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