Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bossy R Words

Ahoy fellow followers!  Arrrrr you ready to work on “Bossy R” words?  This is a 1B (Action 100) foundational skill we focused on last week to help our students become more familiar with r-controlled words.  Included in the pack you will find 10 word cards for ar, or, er, ir, and ur. 
On Day 1 students were sent on a treasure hunt around the classroom to find six of each bossy r word and write them into a word sort. 

On Day 2 students found two of each sort and wrote them into sentences.

On Day 3 students made words using word cards.
On Day 4 students made words with cups.

On Day 5 we played a game as a class where the teacher said a word sort "or" and students needed to get to a word in the room quickly.

We had a fun week learning about bossy r words!  We wish you Godspeed (Good Luck)!

Fairwinds! (Good Bye)
(click on the image to grab this great activity!)

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