Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Working with 2R Readers

This week, one of my readers reached the 2R level.  He was filled with excitement as I introduced some of the books he can read at this level.

While reading with him, I found there were still just a few phonic areas that needed to be reviewed.  I pulled out the practice page and game in the 2R bundle for his specific skill and was able to show him exactly the piece he needed.  He had a blast playing the new game and even asked to stay in from recess with a friend to play.  (Yes, we are in Minnesota so students do ask to stay in on cold, cold days.)  I sent the word list and game home with him to practice at home.  When learning is fun, it doesn’t feel like work.

I love that I am able to focus my instruction on exactly what students at this level need thanks to the 2R bundle.  This is an extensive bundle - with 103 pages.  This bundle includes: rules of syllabication, tricky vowels, tricky consonants, abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, adverbs, high frequency words (outlaws).

Check out our free sample from the 2R bundle - prefixes and suffixes.
What fun things do you do to teach prefixes and suffixes?

Friday, January 11, 2013

President's Day

Mark your calendars, President’s Day is just around the corner.  We just finished taking our NWEA test and I saw some of the questions that were being asked.  My brain started ticking and Walla, here is what I’ve come up with! First, our  class will read biographies about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln around Presidents' Day. We will take time to dive deeper into the information. I have created a  file to explain what a biography is and to look at the details of their lives - in timelines, looking at their character traits (both inside and outside), as well as comparing and contrasting the Presidents.  I like that the students can be involved in their learning with this interactive lesson!

President Biography

During our Daily 5 and Guided Math lesson, I  plan to incorporate stations that align with the standards our students will be assessed on.  We have been working on number patterns and finding the  rule.  We also are working on long vowel patterns and r-controlled words.  I plan to use the activities found in our Presidential Pack to help my students learn in an engaging manner.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEW year, NEW ideas!

Have you heard what all the buzz is about?  We have had a productive winter break and are pumped to share with you FOUR more bundles (2G, 1B, 2B and 1R) to help support you with Action 100 in the classroom.  These  bundles include supplemental assessments, activities, games, take home   practice word lists and organizers that help you stay focused during student conferencing.  We wouldn’t want you to leave our blog without a quick glance at what we are so excited about. So take a look below.....

2G “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #1:

2G Bundle:

1B “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #2:

1B Bundle:

OOH Yah baby, here’s another.....

2B “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #3

2B Bundle:

Stop, stopthere is one more..

1R “Freebie” SNEAK PEEK #4
1R Bundle:

Can you see what we are so PUMPED about?!  We are very excited to come to a new year, organized and ready to teach!  So start your New Year right and head over to our TPT store to help make your life simpler and keep checking back for more bundles!  OH and LIKE us on Facebook to stay connected! Happy 2013!!