About Us

We are three teachers from Minnesota that are committed to change the life of a child, one skill at a time! We have made a commitment to give all we have to change the life of our students. We have come together to share our love and passion with all of you! We strive to create classrooms that are inviting, organized, and show evidence of student collaboration and student learning.

We have all been teaching for 14 years and have our Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education as well as our Master’s Degree. In 2002 and 2011 two of us were awarded with Rochester Post Bulletin Teacher of the Month. In 2012 one of us was nominated for Minnesota Teacher of the Year! We have served on many leadership roles within our district to help create SMART board Lessons for Curriculum Areas. We have also been a part of the leadership team to create common assessments based on the Minnesota State Standards and Common Core.

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