Monday, February 29, 2016

Seeing Great Success with Fluency
For the past 4 years we have come to love Action 100!  Using focused power goals that work on specific skills needed in each color level has been successful in our classrooms as well as at home.  We have seen the benefits of having the same power goal page practiced at home and school.  By doing this we have felt that our students have truly mastered the foundational skills in each color level.  However, we noticed that the skills they were practicing weren't always  applied within their reading since they practice their skills in isolation. This is why we set a professional goal this past summer to write original passages that contained the  specific skill that were working on.  Since we started using these passage in addition to the words list, we have seen phenomenal growth and confidence in all of our students. 
We truly want to share our successful formal with you.  First, focus on master of all power words.  You will see many of the power words throughout the passages so these are a must. We then created passages for each foundational skill to correlate with their power goal word list.  In our classroom we copy the word list on the front and the phonics passages on the back.  This back to back page is what they read daily with us, independently, at home or with volunteers.

We have heard success stories from every grade level, that when you do  it this way, you will see success.  The average words per minute in my kindergarten classroom are 65 wpm.  I credit this to my hard working students and parents that practice the phonics passages daily. 
 2 Green Phonics Passage
Power Goal-Directional Words
I had just introduced this passage at my Daily 5 time.  During Action 100, I had her come over and reread the passage with me.  She did amazing and read 55 wpm. 

2 Blue Phonics Passage
Power Goal-2 Syllable Silent e
First, we worked on reading his words during our conference.  Then I did a 1 minute fluency check.

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